The History of the Limo

Luximo Limos Service is a company that is dedicated to providing its clients with comfortable and timely transportation. We have been offering limo services for the past , and in this article, we wish to introduce you to the history of the limousine. Here, you will find out more about the first designs and functions of this classy vehicle and how it became popular.

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The first limousine was built in 1902, and its design was such that it left the driver in a covered compartment outside. Because it resembled the raised hood of a cloak that was worn by shepherds in the French region Limousin, the name of the new vehicle was quickly made up.

The first “stretch limousines” were designed in 1928, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They were very popular because they were used as transportation by the “big band” members, having enough space for the crew and the equipment. That gave them the name “big band buses”.

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During 1916, the limo received a definition as a closed car with three to five seats inside and a driver’s one on the outside. A variation where the driver has the comfort of an enclosed seat was called a berline, while the ones with no roof for the chauffeur was called a brougham.

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The design of the limo changed significantly over the years, and today, limousines are used for various purposes. Whether you need super-luxurious transport or you want to arrive in style at a party, turning to a professional company that can meet your demands is usually a phone call away. If you are located in Cypress, TX and you want to hire a company that can offer you a professional service, we are the right choice for you. Do not hesitate, and call us at (281) 607-1334 to schedule an appointment!