Tips to Help You Book a Limousine for Your Winter Wedding

Arranging a Limo Service May not Be That Hard as Long as You Know the Right Questions to Ask!

If you intend to book a limo service for your special day but have no experience with car rent contractors, then you will find this post very useful. Here we will list some basic questions that you will have to ask every rental company that you contact!

Limo Service in Cypress, TX

    1. What size are the limousines that you offer for rent? It is important for you to know how many individuals can comfortably fit in the vehicle in order to plan whether you will travel to the reception alone or with some of your relatives.

    2. What else is included in the rental package? Usually, newlyweds receive complimentary champagne, a customized sign “Just married” or even a red carpet, rolled down by a licensed chauffeur.

    3. Is a contract for the vehicle rental service available? If you are working with a licensed company, signing a contract is a must. It should include the following information: the type of the luxury vehicle and its registration number, date, itinerary, rental fees (including taxes and tips), cancellation policy information, the amount of the deposit, as well as the extra rate for additional hours if needed.

    4. Do you have an extra vehicle to replace the one rented in case of a mechanical issue? Since a wedding is an important event which for most people happens once in a lifetime, it is important that everything runs smoothly and flawlessly. A vehicle breakdown can spoil the whole day of the bride and groom, especially if “ Plan B” is not available.

Limo in Cypress, TX5. Do you know all of the city routes well and do you have a fast GPS system? A well-organized wedding is all about timing. If you do not want to get your special day spoiled, you need to make sure that your chauffeur knows the right way to the reception hall in advance.

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